St William Homes LLP, part of the Berkeley Group, are proposing to build 1,286 new homes on the Bow Common Gasworks site on the south-east edge of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

The development will directly affect Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and the surrounding community in the following ways:

  • The proposed site will be packed with 14 very tall buildings up to 22 stories in height (89m) and housing at the lower levels, and construction will take a minimum of 10 years.
  • The shading cast by the tall buildings through the day and light pollution at night will change light conditions and have a detrimental impact on the park’s wildlife, local people’s well-being and their experience of the Cemetery Park
  • Over 1200 new homes and 3000 new neighbours will permanently damage wildlife and ecosystems in and around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, and put unsustainable pressures on local green spaces.

How you can help

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park want to make sure that local residents are aware of the scale of the proposed development, and the destructive impact it will have on the park and the local homes. The council are due to make their decision on the planning application very soon, and we need your support in limiting the affect of the proposed building on the Cemetery Park and surrounding neighbourhood.

Your objection will count. The Friends of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park used a similar public campaign to successfully resist a tall residential development which threatened to damage the nature reserve, a valued public open space.

Donate to support our work at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and other green spaces we work in across Tower Hamlets.