Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park has an extraordinary history, created as one of seven Victorian London cemeteries for a growing metropolis and now listed as one of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries. More than 350,000 people are buried in the cemetery park. It contains the remains of many significant local residents and offers a fascinating insight into the history of the borough over the last century. The cemetery was closed to burials in 1966 and the site became a designated Park by an Act of Parliament.The cemetery park remains a site of interest for local historians and for people searching for relatives buried here.

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is dedicated to restoring, protecting and preserving the cemetery park’s rich and unique history. We work closely with The East London History Society to record grave inscriptions and research the lives of those buried here. We also tend to the foliage surrounding important monuments to ensure that it does not damage the monument any further.

The story behind London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries.

Are you looking for the grave of someone you think may be buried here? Perhaps we can help…

The East London History Society are undertaking a fascinating research project into all of the names on the cemetery park’s WW1 memorial.

The cemetery park is full of monuments that bear interesting symbolism.

You can volunteer with the East London History Society.