Telegrapher George Archard  Service number: LZ/6508rn-Volunteer-Reserve

Ship:  Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S. “Pembroke.” (Portpatrick Wireless Station)

Born: 13th November 1898

Died:  5th November 1918

Age at death:  20 years

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George was born in Homerton on 13 November 1898. His address, as shown on both the 1911 Census and Death Certificate, is 56 Ellesmere Road, Roman Road, Old Ford, London. He enlisted on 19 February 1917. He served aboard two trawlers of the Dover Patrol from August 1917 to February 1918. He survived the sinking of his second trawler. Later that year, he was sent on detached duty to the Portpartick wireless station, near Stranraer. He fell ill with pneumonia, and his father travelled to Stranraer to be with him. After five days of being hospitalised with lobar pneumonia, he died on 5 November 1918. His name is also recorded in the Bethnal Green War Memorial roll.