• This A2-sized poster features poets of the Magnificent Seven, mapping the poetic history of London's Victorian cemeteries. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park has Herbert Ernest Howard, a soldier poet, William James Pearson, who wrote hymns for the Salvation Army, and career criminal-turned-poet William ‘Spring’ Onions. 42.0 x 59.4 cm, folds to 15 x 21 cm and will be sent in an envelope. Text and research by Chris McCabe, illustration by Frances Ives. This poster accompanies The East Edge, a great book by Chris McCabe. We've sold out of our copies of the book but you can still buy it at the publishers, Penned in the Margins.
  • A pack of five postcards, designed by artist Arthur Prescott, artist Jennifer Howard, and or children from our community.
  • Colour in the Cemetery Park! Free download, there will be a link to a pdf on the confirmation page, you will not receive an email. Look all around you as you walk through Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to see if you can find the inspiration for the colouring pages. Share your creations on your family's social media and tag us @fothcp #ColouringTHCP   These pages have been designed by Sophie Harris-Greenslade.
  • 'Sun Worship' is an original painting depicting Egyptian god Horus in a white falcon form, carrying an ankh. By celebrated mural artist, painter and illustrator Annatomix. Annatomix donated this painting to raise funds for the Friends, please consider donating extra. Approx 60 x 60 cm (23.5 x 23.5 in), ready to hang. Acrylics and metallic pigment on canvas. Not mounted or framed. Shipping is by 2nd class post within the UK. If you'd like it insured, or sent anywhere outside the UK, please contact us before buying.

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