We have recorded more than 1111 species! Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is a great home for wildlife. The Friends organise biological recording, by both professional and amateur surveyors.


Read the blog post from 2016 and notes from 2018 by Mark Patterson. Compiled list here from Sept 2022. Records are submitted to BWARS (Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society). Our bee list currently stands at 58 species.


Download the list by Edward Milner, Norman Heal and Dan Hall, covering 2007 to June 2020. Download the list up to March 2021. We’ve recorded 470 species.


Download the list and notes by Robert Watts and Paul Barham, from 2017. Records up to 2017 were submitted to the London Natural History Society. We’ve recorded 89 species. There may be 91 now – we have unconfirmed sightings of nuthatch and treecreeper.


Also known as mosses and liverworts. Download the list by Jeff Duckett, found within 1 day in 2019. We’ve recorded 22 species.


Download the list and notes by Terry Lyle, covering 2000-2016. Records are submitted to the UKBMS (United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme). We’ve recorded 30 species.


Read the Diptera reports by Susan Walter from 2006 and 2007. We’ve recorded 211 species and 40 families.


Download the list by Keith Palmer, Jerry Clough and Tommy Root, from 2016. We’ve recorded 41 species.


Download the list from 2021, by staff. We’ve recorded 11 species.


Download the list by Edward Milner, covering 2006 to March 2024. Download the preliminary report on studies from 2007 to 2022. Records are submitted to the Spider Recording Scheme. We’ve recorded 167 species.

Other invertebrates

This list from 2012 contains true bugs (31 species), ants (5), lacewings (2), pseudoscorpions (2), barkflies (1), and molluscs (1). Download the invertebrate records from iRecord compiled in Aug 2022 by Gino Brignoli. This list is incomplete. Contact us if you’d like to record them!