Kenneth Greenway, Cemetery Park Manager

Ken began working for the Friends in September 2002. Now the manager of the Cemetery Park, he works with the Friends, volunteers, the local council, visitors to the Cemetery Park and many more to conserve, protect and develop the site for the community. He loves how the Cemetery Park has become a focus of interest and enjoyment to the community that surrounds him and takes an enormous amount of satisfaction from the way wildlife and people have responded so overwhelmingly positively to the efforts of the Friends and volunteers. You’ll often find Ken, litter picking, delivering Forest School, or running our very popular foraging tours & bat walks.

Suzanna, Cemetery Park Officer

Leads groups of conservation volunteers, including people from the local community, and large groups of corporate volunteers on CSR days providing an important source of income. Suzanna brings wildlife identification skills and social history knowledge gained with the RSPB and the Churches Conservation Trust, plus a wealth of experience from working in visitor experience and volunteer management at the Natural History Museum and The Conservation Volunteers.

Michelle Lindson, Community Development Coordinator

Michelle began working for the Friends in July 2018 as the Community Development Coordinator. A large part of her role will be to lead the ‘Nature and Us’ Community Cohesion project, funded by Tower Hamlets council, which aims to get community together through nature. Michelle comes from a background working in zoos delivering conservation education, alongside a spot of zoo keeping. She has also worked as a field researcher in Africa studying spotted hyenas, her favourite animal.

Claire Slack, Heritage Officer

Claire joined the team in September 2020. Claire’s role is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and includes working to put together a Conservation Management Plan to help us better understand the heritage value of the cemetery park and how we can make the most of the site over the coming years. You will also find her leading tours, dealing with grave enquiries and telling anyone who will listen about the wonderful history of our cemetery park. Claire has previously worked in the charity sector in a variety of management, fundraising and events roles and is also studying for her MA in Folklore Studies.

Trustees and key volunteers

Fran Humber, Chairperson

Worked as a Conservation Director for the charity Blue Ventures. Fran was responsible for overseeing their conservation programmes and partnerships in Madagascar, Belize, Comoros, Mozambique and Timor-Leste. Fran brings an immense amount of experience and wisdom from the charity sector, as well as a deep understanding of what is necessary to secure a bright future for the Friends and the Cemetery Park.

Terry Lyle, Vice Chairperson

Terry was for 22 years Environmental Education Officer of a local charity, working with schools and community groups to enrich parks, school grounds and community gardens for biodiversity and education. Terry is a general naturalist, and has helped make the Cemetery Park exceptionally rich in wildflowers and butterflies.

Marilyn Baltutis, Trustee

Marilyn is a local resident who has enjoyed the cemetery for over 30 years, and is now particularly involved in interpreting its history.  She brings a wealth of experience as a primary school teacher, conservation volunteer and Scout leader.

Sigrid Werner, Trustee

Sigrid has lived in Tower Hamlets since 1998 and got to know about the Friends when she came to work at Setpoint London East in 2001, and is an important link between the two charities.  A local historian in her spare time, she is also a committee member of the East London History Society, treasurer of the Friends of St. George’s German Lutheran Church, Aldgate and a member of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum.

Stewart Rayment,  Walter Gray Honorary Trustee

Stewart Rayment moved to Tower Hamlets in 1982 and discovered the Cemetery Park shortly after. He was a councillor from 1986-1994 and initiated the policies which led to the development of the Cemetery Park after the Borough acquired it from the GLC, including the building of the Soanes Centre and the designation of Scrapyard Meadows & the Ackroyd Drive Green Link as Metropolitan Open Space. He was fortunate in having the Friends to work alongside in this. As chair, he was involved in the Friends obtaining charitable status and forming a limited company. Stewart works in intellectual properties – mainly trade marks, and moved to Hastings in 2010, but still conducts history walks from time to time. He has designed a walk linking each of the Magnificent Seven.

Angela Silvester, Office Volunteer

Angela provides invaluable support in the Friends office, with databases and financial controls. She is a trained Legal Secretary who also brings experience in University administration from her years working for Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Sally Randall, Trustee

Sally has lived in Tower Hamlets since 1999. As a consultant in Occupational Medicine she advises on health and disability in working populations, employment law and HR issues for a range of organisations. She is also an experienced senior manager and mentor. Walking through the Cemetery Park is her favourite way to unwind.

Toby Sibley, Trustee

Toby has lived in Tower Hamlets since 2004 and has loved visiting the Cemetery Park ever since.  Toby works as a project manager and consultant in the City with a focus on running IT and regulatory projects.  He has an MBA and a MSc in Software Engineering.  Toby enjoys the diversity and breadth of activity in the Cemetery Park finding something new every time he visits.

Olivia Chester, Spatial Strategy & Communications

Olivia began working with the Friends during her Master’s thesis project, a collaborative case study of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, which advocates for public parks to be cared for as productive local commons through local stewardship. Olivia’s work with stakeholders to reimagine the site’s infrastructure, resilience and diaspora of local care, has continued into new digital communications, a rebranding of the charity’s visual identity (in progress) and our Protect our Common Right to Light campaign.

Rowland McCready, Conservation Volunteer

Roly is a stalwart of keeping the Cemetery Park safe, clean and tidy, especially when the paid staff take leave. He brings horticulture and conservation experience from his time with pioneering social project and FOTHCP partner Grounded Ecotherapy.

Dr P, cat

Dr P can often be found around the Soanes Centre. He will tolerate being stroked and sometimes even being picked up, but would much rather have a treat… possibly too many treats… he now wears a collar that says ‘DO NOT FEED’.