What’s In Tour

What’s In Tour is a collection of anonymous stories all told within the Cemetery Park. It is the alternative guide book to what is already a wonderful place to explore. Download the tour here.

Each story is associated with a specific location in the park, so choose your own path through the park using the map provided and read the numbered stories as you reach each location.

 ” ‘Gun that way, naked man that way!’  She genuinely didn’t know what they’d come for. You’d never get that repeated.”

The park as been a home, or rather a garden, to many thousands of people and all sorts of affairs. This tour taps into this rich vein though personal accounts, guiding visitors to lesser-known areas of the park, to unveil the history, context and personal memories hidden within the shadows and the shrubbery. The stories are timeless, yet intimate, and contribute to the rich history that the park accumulates day by day.

Made for Shuffle Festival 2015. Produced by Peter Hudson. Eye Contact – Wellcome Collection. This project is supported by Arts Council England.